Tronsmart Encore S2 Bluetooth Neckband

A several of months ago I put collectively a table of the best Bluetooth neckband headphones and I’ve been a follower of the device ever ago. Becoming examined a good number of neckband headphones from earlier reviews, I know just what to seem for, so let’s see how these Tronsmart Encore S2’s work.

The advantage of exhausting headphones that relax around the collar is several striking when you’re going. Running or exercising with exactly electrified earphones creates to assign up the cable to the ear. While using conventional headphones holds this, they can usually become smothering at times strangely when you’ve got a steam on.

Tronsmart Encore S2 Bluetooth Neckband

An assemblage of affordable Bluetooth earphones intended to hold around the collar. Starring an adjustable neckband that’s easy influence and soft to use. These sweat-proof headphones are perfect for exercise at the gym, running and outside exercises.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • 12-hour music playtime.
  • Neckband headphones device
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • IPX3-4 fixed water resistance
  • Good patient noise reducing


Tronsmart Encore S2 Review

The Tronsmart Encore S2 Bluetooth neckband headphones get with a great feature user guidebook, extra earbuds, and a micro USB charging wire. The wire is comparatively low at around 10 inches. I’d usually groan about the length, but when it happens to neckband headphones, dinky wires are favored. They can be simply saved in the drawstring bag and the piece is light just that it can suspend a charging port if required.

Charging the Headphone

As ever, it’s sufficient to completely replenish a portable device before initial use. The Encore S2’s should only get around 1.5 to 2 hours for a complete charge. It got a part of that experience on its original charge which implies it has a great standby capability, or maybe it was new from the factory. The charging gate is at the end of the left-hand side and is fully shielded by a sheet.

Tronsmart Encore S2 headphone charging

There is a small LED symbol light that shines red when charging goes down and becomes blue when finished. This light will also glow red when the battery level is below or blue when matched with your phone.

Bluetooth Pairing and Range

To originally Bluetooth pair the Encore S2 you want to press the power button down for 5 seconds. When you observe the symbol light flash red and blue it’s available to join. I joined the headphones with an S7 Edge, iPhone, an iPad and the kids Amazon Fire Tablet. All of them immediately found the gadget and joined favorably.

Tronsmart Encore S2 bluetooth pairing

Once your slogans are joined the Encore neckband headphones will get them and reconnect about immediately when powered on. Starring Bluetooth version 4.1 the scale is constant up to 10m (33 feet) unobstructed. I’ve been using these headphones often with my Galaxy S7 Edge and I’ve endured definitely no difficulties with signal drops of opposition.

Features and Functions

The buttons are located on the left of the neckband. The center button is multi-useful, it will power the emblem on, pair, play and rest music, initiate Google or Siri vocal control and conduct hands-free calls. Each view of the central button is the volume up and down buttons which also jumps steps on a long press. The buttons run very well, the buttons seem substantial and pleasurable to manage.

Comfort and Design

As with maximum neckband headphones, the Encore S2’s are intended to hold around the neck. This design has an attached piece of drawn earpieces the easily snap commonly when not in use. Not only does it make it far less possible for the headphones to come from your neck it also stops the wires from confusing.

The whole headphones including the neckband show only 23 grams and are just obvious when used. The adjustable arms have a soft rubber exterior with a matte surface that’s simple to stay clear. Perhaps my personal design opinion is the extent and aspect of the earpieces. They are amazingly convenient to use and fit so close in the ear that I can side order on a support without trouble.

Tronsmart Encore S2 comfort and design

With a reasonably low price tag, I was completely required the audio feature to be ordinary at best. I was crazy, these provide a very clear and well-balanced quality. There is a proper level of bass and the mids and highs are absolutely adequate. Regarding these headphones are provided towards plays and exercises, I have no objections at all about the audio achievement

The well-fitting earbuds give a great result of idle sound decrease and the DSP technology gives a free hands-free call activity. My single niggle (and it’s a tiny one) is the spoken announcements. They have a sparse beat on all prompts other than the control on the information.


I’ve done super fascinated with the Tronsmart S2’s. I’ve taken two or three other kits of Bluetooth neckband headphones that required twice as much and these certainly are quite as much if not enough. The earpieces are amazingly suitable, the sound feature is hard and the Bluetooth is good. I can deeply suggest these to anyone watching for resources set off around the neck headphones for games exercises.


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