Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac

It is not difficult to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac. In this article, we share an informative method ” how to connect Bluetooth headphones to mac “. You may also check how to pair Skullcandy wireless headphones.

Note: You can also Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Mac with this same method. So, review this article from top to end and don’t forget to share with your friends if you like to connect Bluetooth headphones to mac.

To Pair a Bluetooth Headset to a Mac

  • Open System Preferences.

how to open bluetooth in mac

  • Click on Bluetooth icon.
  • Click the “+” indication to append a new slogan.
  • Select “Headphone” as the sort of thing.

how to connect bluetooth headphones to mac

  • Make sure the headset on the pairing form.
  • Click the Quest switch.
  • If indicated, enter the passkey, which is “0000”.
  • If matching a hi-fi headphone, a window with the known settings of the new headphone may resemble. The Best stereo headphones will expose both the headset and headphone choices.
  • Click Continue, and then Close.

You will be yielded to the Bluetooth gadgets transom. Your result seems in the left mirror, with its situation in the right glass. Note that it will have a state of “incoherent,” but that is common. To set your matched wireless headphones as the failure audio equipment for the computer:


  • If you’d like the Bluetooth headphone to be the fault audio gear, open System Setting.
  • Click the Sounds symbol.
  • Click Output, and then choose your headphone.
  • Click Input, and choose your headset.
  • Test the headphone by forcing iTunes and working a song.

Watch this video How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Mac

How to Connect Beats Headphones to Mac

how to connect beats to mac

  • Impair Bluetooth on any signs connected to your Best Beats Headphones.
  • Jimmy the Bluetooth list from System Decisions on your Mac.
  • Choose your Beats Wireless Headphones from the record of found media and extract it.
  • Initiate pairing with your Beats Bluetooth Headphones.
  • Review the LED flashlights to assure it’s in pairing method.
  • Backpedal to the Mac Bluetooth list and pick your Beats gear.
  • On OS X 10.8, you’ll require choosing your Beats as your sound gear under Bluetooth Inclinations.
  • You’re coordinated! Be that as it may, you may require reconnecting.
  • Pick your Beats in the Bluetooth list and choose Use as Audio Device (stereo).
  • The sound will now spout effectively inside your Beats.
  • In case despite everything you’re connected, take a stab at restarting your Mac.

How to Use

When you have coordinated your Bluetooth Earphones with your Mac, you’ll respect they work like some other couple of earphones does on a Mac. Wrench up your dearest tunes and start bopping your pinnacle.

How to guide playback

With your Magic Keyboard, you can help and diminish the volume with the F10 and F11 separately, lessen your Mac with F10, play or interfere with music with F8, and utilize F7 and F9 to go to the first record or the following stage independently. One Wireless Bluetooth Headphones may have the limit charge or different feelings on the headset itself, be guaranteed to talk about the orders that accompanied your extraordinary earphones to get out how they function.

Transcribe about Mac slopes: If you updated to Leopard from an earlier report of Mac and your stereo Bluetooth headphone was matched for headphone use, you may want to eliminate it in the Bluetooth slogan window of the system setting are you can get the stereo purpose. To do this, click the headset in the gear list, and then click the “-” symbol to separate it from the list. Follow the above guidance to connect Bluetooth headphones to mac.

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