UE ROLL 2 Sugarplum Wireless Portable (Waterproof) Speaker


The big, bold, stunning sound of UE ROLL two provides journey an audio recording. The sound thus loud, you’ll need to shout to be detected. It’s Associate in Nursing ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that goes wherever you escort an elastic, tie-on bungee cord. you’ll even attach it to a kayak–it’s wholly waterproof.


                                         UE ROLL 2 Sugarplum

Big, bold, stunning therefore undo: Sound so loud you’ll get to shout to be heard; fifteen p.c louder than the first UE ROLL
Stretchy, bindable marine-grade bungee: Strap the speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or where else you would like to require your music
Waterproof: you’ll be able to submerge UE ROLL two in water and it’ll be all cool (Waterproof for up to half-hour and a depth of one meter)
Lighter than a will of soda: Ultra-portable then lightweight you’ll forget you’re even carrying it.
Go further: one hundred foot. Bluetooth wireless vary and nine unit of time. reversible battery life go as long as you’ll be able to (Actual wireless vary and battery life can vary with use)



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