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  • The UE Boom didn’t require a design service, and thanks, UE recognized that. There are slight changes, which I shall work into along the way, but check out the reviews of the original UE Boom to get the best feeling of its design that makes it so special.
  • Running across the element of UE you noticed a few, welcome changes that warrant a mention. First off, the mesh fabric here looks less permeable and feels more durable than what is unfolding around the original Boom.
  • The controls of the UE Boom 2 are minor changed if you’re using this speaker for the first time. But, if you’ve got a keen eye for detail, like your truth, you’ll notice a few outward accommodation around the element.
  • For a great look, UE decided to rebuild the Bluetooth logo from the twin button, and the power-switch button looks a little different. Even with these changes, new users couldn’t have too much bothered by all figuring things out.UE Boom 2 has different features and more compactable than JBL.
  • On the bottom of the UE Boom 2, UE has touched up the port flutter, making them sit flush with the base. Most important, they are easy to open and access because of this change. Just like the last model, the flutter door can be removed from entire if you’d prefer not disorder with it each time you required to charge.

 Performance & Features

ue boom 2 performance

  • The UE Boom 2 construct upon a strong establishment put forward by the previous model, made noticed pace in its 360-intensity sound delivery, one of the huge pile about the first. It’s room-dressing storage, again and again, leaves me beat by how powerful this small, barrel-shaped speaker sounds.
  • Just like the previous UE Boom speakers, there is a majestic set of quality inside the speaker, but you require the buddy to enclose them. The UE Boom 2 allows you to adjust the pistol effect and Double Up, UE speaker way of combining two of its speakers jointly over wireless too, you suggested it, double the sound.
  • The speaker can also set alarms to wake you from sleep, but the older Boom can do it’s disclosed earlier, the UE Boom 2 has some new ploy up its sleeve. First off all, the new speaker brace Block Party, a quality that allows up to two people nearby to connect & twin to via pair able Bluetooth and play a track.The best part? The Boom 2 holder has the power to kick either of the DJ strivers if their suggested stench.


  • Over the app, you can trigger them, which allows you to adjust the song by simply selection up to the speaker and tapping it. Just like the remote you find fixed in most headphone cables these days, the UE Boom 2 mimics this accustom input.
  • You can also spigot twice to scoot the songs or three times to go rearwards. This might seem like an expandable addition, but this extra level of control was greatly missing from the original model.
  • In addition to kicking out the jams, the UE Boom 2 also makes for a capable speakerphone. You can pick up and hang up calls by giving the Bluetooth pairing button a press. I found that this speaker can pick up different voices speaking at low to medium volumes without any stress.
  • The feature that could concern owners of the original UE BOOM 2 the most beautiful, the waterproofing speaker. Improving the IPX4 rating of the UE Boom, which couldn’t safely handle more than a burst or two, the IPX7-furnished UE Boom 2 can be drenched in water up to a meter wide for 30 minutes before you run the risk of effusion. This also means that you can leave it out in the rain without the worry that you’ve just animated 200 stage down the ditch.




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