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  • BOSE SOUNDLINK the Rotate pull the sketch of the Sound Link Mini II and expand it into a barrel-shaped that moderately stimulate the Dalek robots from Dr. Who.
  • It features a powerful aluminum housing which comes in either silver or black and features a rubberized base and buttons. The speaker sense especially well made and should put up with being throw in a bag with some keys and knick instinct.
  • On top of the speaker, you’ll find buttons for controlling every feature of the speaker, including volume, playback, Bluetooth. Bose’s multi purpose button control everything from music playback to activate the music deputy. The Sound Link turn works sublimely as a speaker for accepting calls, something like UE Wonder blast speaker, another well-consider speaker that we surveyed less than ideal this month needs.
  • Bose Rotate speakers to use for stereo or intensification. You have the choice of utilizing the speakers in stereo or mono, depending on the off chance that they’re in a similar room. The blending of Bose highlight should be possible on the gadget itself, yet more proper to utilize the Bose application.
  • The opinion that’s becoming more and extra common these days. This will work up to a range of up to 10m to 20m.
  • On the inside of Bose speaker the Rotate quality a setup of dual passive radiator running up the sides of the speaker to fill the lower end out of the audio range.

Performance & features

  • In terms of volume, the Sound Link Rotate does a superb job of pumping music noisily in all directions. Bose Sound Link Rotate over flat-faced that if you want Omni-directional sound. This is great for parties & enjoyment so everyone can hear the same listening and no matter where they were sitting.
  • If you place Sound Link at the center of the room, the speaker absence some bass response but that can be solved by placing the speaker near walls to help reflect sound and increase more bass response. With it, you can move around and experience the same sound whenever you are.
  • Overall, the Bose Sound Link Rotate performance is outstanding, especially when compared to our other favorite 360-degree speaker, just like the UE Wonder boom. The two speakers sound great and you’ll be unable to see the distinction unless you hear them out one next to the other. Where the Wonder blast sounds drawn, the Bose plays uproariously and easily.
  • Sound Link excellent Bass response also sounds richer and more controlled featured than that the Wonder boom, which features a mid-forward sound. Compared to the Sound Link Mini II, the Sound Link Rotate sounds almost as great but can’t match the expansive soundstage and instrumental detachment of the Mini II – though, admittedly.

Be careful

Be careful about charging the speaker the night before a big event as it also takes the speaker a ridiculously long 4 hours to fully charge when empty. It would have done nicely to see Bose jump to USB-C for high-speed charging, but it’s not a contract comber. Contrasted with the opposition, the spins battery life is normal for a speaker of this size, enduring 12 hours at direct listening volumes (the Revolve+ enhances this barely with a 16-hour battery life).

  • Compared to the Bose SoundLink Mini, the Rotate features more detail and bass response. The 360-degree sound makes the Rotate more suited to listening outdoors & indoors than the unidirectional sound of the SoundLink mini. Both the mini and Rotate are IPX4 rated, which means they’ll survive smudge but you want to either speaker in the pool.
  • Stood out from the resistance, the Revolves battery life is typical for a speaker of this size, persisting 12 hours at coordinate listening volumes (the Revolve+ upgrades this indistinctly with a 16-hour battery life). Be careful about charging the speaker the night preceding a noteworthy event as it in like manner takes the speaker an outrageously long 4 hours to totally charge when debilitate. It would have been pleasant to see Bose bounce to USB-C for speedier charging, however, it’s not a major issue.


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