What Are The Ways to Pay Medical Bills With No Health Insurance?

When you have health insurance plan you are medically secured up to a great extent, this covers certain emergency trips to hospital and besides that you have many hidden benefits like different kinds of surgeries, gym memberships, 27*7 on-call doctors and nurses etc. But when you make the decision to go without medical insurance you […]

What Are The Hidden Health Insurance Benefits You Are Not Aware Of?

Still paying for the procedures and prescriptions you have already paid for? Why? Because you just agreed but never actually went through the fine print of your health insurance policy; and to be honest, most of us haven’t. The gym membership, Lasik surgery procedure you’ve been pondering upon may be covered in your health insurance […]

What Are The Different Categories Of Health Insurance?

We all have choices while shopping for health coverage. If it is purchased from the state’s market or from a broker, you get to choose from various available plans that are ordered by the level of advantages they offer-bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze is the cheapest with least coverage whilst platinum covers are expensive […]

Which Are The Top Health Insurance Companies

When you sign up with the health insurance companies that is when you get involved with one of the many health insurance plans they have to offer. This is the basic difference between health insurance company and health insurance plans. Different health insurance companies have different plans to suit all sorts of folks. You can […]

Can Healthcare Centers And Hospitals Deny Treatment To Patients?

Hospitals that are owned by private administers might reject the patients in case of a non-urgency but this cannot be done by public healthcare centers. This is because these are funded by the taxpayer’s money and have a different standard of operation as compared to the privately owned ones or for-profit centers which implies that […]

Some Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Healthcare And Insurance Expenses Affordable

January 2017 open enrollment report suggests that about 8.7 million people had been signed up for 2017 Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage by HealthCare.gov. Since that day, we’ve all read different articles about how healthcare  is changing under Trumpcare, and it surely is forcing individuals think 2 times about the destiny of healthcare plans and how we […]