thunderous 2.1 Powerful Computer Speakers with Subwoofer, a Gaming Speaker system for Movies, Music, or any Multimedia play – By Cyber Acoustics (CA-3908)

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“Greatest wattage, best in class execution, this is our most capable and stunning stereo sound framework – the CA-3908.” A 2.1 speaker framework that conveys deafening bass reaction with clean lucid mids and highs. Housed in an acoustically adjusted wood bureau, the subwoofer imparts a strong, profound capable of being heard experience that you can feel from over the room. The framework control pod turns the speaker framework on and off while brandishing a LED control pointer ring. The case additionally modifies volume levels for the satellites and bass control for the subwoofer to be balanced with the turn of a finger. The unit likewise houses an advantageous earphone jack and assistant contribution for simple association with the greater part of your gadgets. Use with iPods, MP3 players, DVD players, cell phones, tablets, portable workstations/note pads, PCs, amusement comforts and even excitement frameworks. Air conditioning power 110V as it were.


thunderous 2.1 Powerful Computer Speaker

thunderous 2.1

  • Our most effective PC speakers with 92 watts top power – 46 watts RMS.
  • Just the best in rich clean room filling execution.
  • This 3 piece stereo speaker framework incorporates a loud 6.5″ side-firing subwoofer in a tuned port wooden bureau
  • Double 2″ dynamic drivers in addition to an inactive radiator for each satellite
  • Convey solid eloquent mids and highs, each with removable fabric flame broils
  • Advantageous desktop control case makes it simple to have finish charge of your sound framework.
  • Incorporates on/off switch, ace volume, bass volume, earphone yield jack, and aux input jack!
  • This is one of our best performing gaming speakers.
  • Ideal for portable PCs, PCs, tablets, cell phones and the sky is the limit from there.


The satellites deliver the mids and highs, working in harmony with the subwoofer. 2-inch high-efficiency drivers with removable cloth grills and an angled satellite face create the optimum listening experience for any audiophile.


Our largest 6.5-inch Power Pro Series driver and tuned port simply deliver the best sound quality. This subwoofer delivers a maximum punch that fills any room.

Control Pod

The control pod turns the speakers on and off, adjusts master and bass volumes, includes a headphone jack and aux-in jack, all while sporting an LED power indicator, giving you full control of your speaker system.

Our Most Powerful Speaker System

This booming 2.1 speaker system is perfect for movie watching, music listening, and gaming. It delivers a dominating 92 watts of peak power (42W RMS) of complete immersive audio.



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